A new endeavor -- Public Speaking Coaching

It seems a pesky measure of employment for a few years managed to suck up all my blogging energy. And since that changed, my energy has gone in a new direction.

I launched a Podcast in December.

At 2 Minute Talk Tips, I offer public speaking tips to help my listeners become more effective public speakers. Each episode opens with an actionable 2 Minute Tip, and then we take a short break. After the break, I host a more in-depth discussion about topics of interest to speakers or aspiring speakers. Sometimes that's a book review. Sometimes it's an interview. Sometimes it's a how-to. And sometimes it's my philosophy on PowerPoint.

It's been fun to learn how to podcast, and it's also helped me to unpack the things I've learned about presenting over the years. And it's certainly kept me busy.

You can find 2 Minute Talk Tips here.

You can also find it on iTunes and in the Google Play store.