Ep 104 -- Disability Services in Higher Education with Kaitlin Molloy

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I have no idea what the back to school season will look like for college and university students in the fall. After all, right now it’s early July in 2020. COVID-19 is picking up pace. Protests are still happening. The presidential election is going to get really ugly. And the US is in full recession.

So school could look like anything.

And people like Kaitlin Molloy will see their workloads grow as we all navigate accommodations for students with disabilities in higher education.

Kaitlin’s job is to help students secure the appropriate disability accommodations in school. In this episode we talk about that process and discuss some options.

Hack of the Week

Kaitlin’s recommendation is to be planful.

If you are  starting or continuing higher education, reach out to the disability services staff as early as you can. Once they know you are there or are joining the school community, they can start working with you. Maybe that has impacts on appropriate housing or student employment. Maybe they can address academic challenges.

The earlier you start working with them, the more effective the plan you build with them will be.


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Where do we go from here?

  • If you’re attending college or university, find out who should be your contact in disability services, and build a plan with them early.
  • If you know someone who attends or works with a college, ask them to listen to this episode and share their thoughts. You can give them the link http://Strokecast.com/college
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