There's no stopping Shatner-Palooza

Our Muppets meet Shatner moving is doing well. More than 700 people have seen it so far. If you haven't yet, take a look. It's the fastest growing Playcole.com film to date.

This week in Arkansas, I saw a William Shatner commercial on TV. He was endorsing a local law firm. Not just any law firm, but a law firm that will even come to your hospital bed if you can't make it in.

The best part, though, is that he is apparently doing the same commercial for law firms around the country. They same ad with a different firm is running in Massachusetts and other states.

Apparently, they shot them all on one day, on one set, with one script. And they just changed the name.


Jon Clarke said...

You know it's templated with that white flash breaking the address.

Does Shatner really need more money?

violet_lana said...

Do you know what company or agency made this commercial? I'm including this shatner-fest thing in a presentation I am working on for law firm advertising. i am in law and in advertising. so u can imagine my disdain on both fronts.

Cromely said...

@Nadia: I don't. But who ever it is sold them all over the country and personalized them for different markets. That sad thing is that Youtube just took it down for copyright issues.