Thanksgiving and Wine

2007-11-22 Thanksgiving Dinner

My GF cooked a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner this year. I helped out, of course, by
  1. Growing the herbs
  2. Lifting the turkey when instructed
  3. Staying out of the way

The wine on the table is a Maryhill Viognier from Washington's Columbia River Valley. It was pleasant, somewhat fruity, and a good fit for dinner.

This is not the first year I had wine with dinner.

Many years ago, when I was probably about 11, I finished my apple cider and asked for another glass. Since the table was already filled with dishes, food, candles, and what not, we kept all the beverages on the floor next to my father's chair. He refilled my glass, handed it back to me, and I took a nice big swig. I had no idea what had happened to my cider, but the look on my face told everyone else at the table that my father had apparently grabbed the wrong bottle and accidentally fill my glass with wine.

Lacking a sophisticated palette back then, I opted not to polish off that glass of white wine.

Now, had it been a nice Pinot...

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