Shaner-Palooza: Max Headroom

I had a strange dream the other night.  I dreamed that William Shatner was interviewed by Max Headroom.  How awesome, twisted, wrong, and bizarre would that be?  Sort of like Space Ghost Coast to Coast.  Of course they would never do anything like that, right?

It turns out they did.  Here it is in all its 80s fashion splendor.

The first four minutes are intro material, and it is funny, but the pace is a little too slow.  You can jump to about 4:06 when Shatner appears.  Shatner can't really decide if he wants to be the straight man or if he wants to play William Shatner.  He comes out opposing Reagan defense policies, and he defends Dobermans to Max.


Jon Clarke said...

Wow. What a thrill to see "Max Headroom" again. I can't believe we thought a closed captioned actor in prosthetics was a cg image. How 80's to have a one-on-one interview that's completely without humanity.

The talk show format worked more for the character than the sci-fi show which frankly, I didn't get.

Matt Frewer is so underrated. Take the episode of "Next Generation" when he stepped in for Robin Williams. His shot in "Monty Python's Meaning of Life". Or his sitcom "Doctor, Doctor".

Keim said...

I like this one more: