SeaTac (SEA) Becomes Passenger Friendly

Good news, everybody!

Starbucks is building a new location in the Seattle-Tacoma airport.

Those who hunt desperately for that caffeine hit in the C-Concourse have had a tough time of it. Sure they could have gone to the SBUX outside of security. Or the Tully's on the A-Concourse. Or the SBUX next to the A-Concourse security check point. Or the SBUX in the new Central Concourse. Or the Cafe Dilettante in the Central Concourse. Or the SBC in the D-Concourse. Or whatever is in the B-Concourse.

But that's not the point.

The only coffee option in the C-Concourse was the SBUX at the very end of it. There would often be a line out the door. It was not uncommon to see more than 30 people waiting to buy coffee, and hoping to have the opportunity before they need to abandon the line to go jump on an airplane. It's not that the service was slow -- there was just a lot of business and not enough room for more staff or espresso machines.

Now, however, the authorities are fixing this problem. The new location is right across from Gate C-10. It's a much larger facility in a less cramped area of the concourse.

Forget the third runway. Forget the baggage screening center. This is what matters.

No longer will passengers have to jump out of line to get on a flight. No longer will Alaska and Horizon flight attendants have to contend with caffeine deprived passengers. We will now have our coffee.

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