Why Cats are better than Dogs: Part 1

And Seaworld in San Diego, CA, they have a show called Pets Rule. It's basically a stunt show featuring a lot of dogs, come cats, a couple pigs, and a parrot.

I have no idea why this is part of Seaworld.

It's a fun show, in a stadium that accommodates several hundred people. It features dogs running obstacle courses and catching frisbees. There are a few other stunts the dogs do, too.

They also have trained cats. Now, you cat own-ees out there area already laughing at the concept. They had cats run particular routes and go to specific places on the set. They climb a little bit.

But while the dogs did stunts, pressed buttons, jumped in the pool, fetched frisbees, operated switches, and did other stunts, all the cats were willing to do was run someplace else on stage. They left the embarrassing tricks to the lesser animals.

That's why cats are better.

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Jon Clarke said...

I know cats you can have.