Shatner-Palooza: Rocket Man

I hesitated to post this video in the Shatner-Palooza series because it is so iconic. When you ask people about Shatner's singing, they don't come up with Has Been. They come up with Rocket Man.

Originally a cheesy Elton John song, William Shatner made it his own at a Sci Fi convention in 1978. Geeks and mockers alike passed this bootleg video around the internet for years. The quality may not be the best, but it is such an amazing performance that no one cares.

Now, when someone covers Rocket Man, they have to choose a normal version or a Shatner version.

The Shatner version is winning.

Jon sent me this link to Chris Elliott's performance on the old Late Night with David Letterman. Chris Elliott played a series of silly characters, including one who lived under the studio stairs. Here he is taking on Shatner.

Family Guy took on Rocket Man, as well. One of the most frequently posted clips from the show features baby Stewie lighting up and singing.

Even fans have made their own version -- Shatner meets Stewie by some guy.

Oh, and if you want to see how the orignal singer does it, here you go.

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