Shatner-Palooza: On Space Travel

We were basically one and the same, although Jim was just about perfect, and, of course, I am perfect.

William Shatner A.K.A Captain Kirk

I don't have a citation for that quote, other than the blog I link to, but it sounds right.

People often send me material for Shatner-palooza. This week's submission comes from mother and the New York Post.


September 8, 2006 -- On second thought, forget it, Scotty.

William Shatner has turned down a free trip to space aboard air-travel tycoon Richard Branson's inaugural Virgin Galactic flight in 2008 - because he's afraid of space travel.

The Virgin craft, Enterprise, is named after the starship that Shatner's character, Captain Kirk, helmed in the '60s TV show.

"I'm interested in man's march into the unknown, but to vomit in space is not my idea of a good time. Neither is a fiery crash," Shatner told London's Daily Mail.

"Alien" star Sigourney Weaver has booked a seat on the flight.

Okay, the man's got a point. It could be an unpleasant trip. But, come on. Is Shatner the great going to be outdone by Sigourney Weaver? That's just not right.

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