A short cut to my arrogant wisdom

The URL for this blog can be a mouthful. So I made it easier to get here.

Now, you can get to Cromely's World by going directly to www.cromely.net

It also works with www.cromely.org

The .com address was not available.

This Blog is still hosted on the Blogger (Blogspot) servers. In fact, the "true" address remains they same. There is no need to change your bookmarks. The new address simply redirects your browser to www.cromely.blogspot.com.

I registered the name through www.1and1.com , a web hosting service. They are the same folks who host www.playcole.com and the system have been fairly easy to use. The do personal and business hosting. If you want your own webspace or personal URL, they are worth checking out.

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