Critical Advice for the Winter

Remember -- ANY water you encounter may be wet. Use caution.

Here are some more tips from the PI.

Tips for consumers when the power goes out

In the event of a power failure:

Never touch or approach a downed power wire or anything that is in contact with one. Always assume the wire is live and stay 10 feet away, including anything that you may be holding. Do not remove items caught in power lines. To report after-hours electrical emergencies in the Seattle area, call 206-706-0051.

If your power goes out, check your main switch for a blown fuse or an open breaker. Know where your main switch is. It can be either a circuit breaker or a fuse box. Learn how to reset the circuit breaker or safely change a fuse.

If a customer of Seattle City Light, call City Light's Power Outage Hotline at 206-684-7400 for a recording of all known outages or to report your own.

Customers on life-sustaining equipment should have emergency power backup. To certify it with City Light, call 206-684-3020.


And the list continues at the PI.

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