Stop the King!

Didn't we fight a couple wars so we wouldn't have to deal with this crap?

I've talked about Burger King ads before. They are one of the few companies whose ads have successfully kept me out of their store.

I'm afraid of the Creepy Burger King.

I thought things were getting better. They have that weird chicken who wants to be a french fry. And they have that weird family of burgers. And there's been other weird stuff. The Creepy Burger King was going away.

Then things really got better. They started showing commercials where he crashed his pocket bike. Or went through the wall and crashed in a bumper car. I though maybe the Creepy Burger King would die.

But he didn't. Instead we get this from the Creepy Burger King.

Ronald may be weird, but at least he's not some escapee from Camp Crystal Lake

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