Rental Cars at SJC

After you land at the San Jose airport, you head out to the shuttle bus to go get your rental car. The shuttle takes you away from the terminal, several blocks from the airport itself. Then you get your rental car.

So how do you get away from the airport in your shiny old damn-Taurus? You take the road back around, past the compressed natural gas filling station ("OPEN TO THE PUBLIC") back into the airport, through the throngs of shuttle busses, car, taxis, limos, and hotels vans picking poeple up and dropping people off. You pass through the cross walks as people drag their bags into the terminal, around a bend (take the wrong turn and you end up returning your rental car) and back past the rental car cut off roads before finally spilling out onto the local traffic.

Rental Car Pickup to Doubletree San Jose

Directions from Google Maps

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