Lead: The Latest Threat to Homeland Security

Everyday brings news of another recall of a Chinese made product. The early recalls were for deadly tires and poisoned pet food. Now, though, the recalls are for the more subtle lead poisoning in toys.

It’s truly shocking that we can’t trust the cheapest possible products, made with slave labor to be quality learning and entertainment aids for our children. How can these accidents happen?

Obviously, they’re not accidents – they’re intentionals.

China has made tremendous strides over the past few decades. Market oriented reforms and a focus on growth have turned the country into an economic powerhouse, providing finished goods for much of the world. China is the reason steel and oil prices have skyrocketed in recent years; they are importing more of these raw materials than ever before and limiting supply to the rest of the world.

In fact, that was part one of the recently established plan. It’s a clever form of market oriented attack on the US. By buying all this stuff, and driving up commodities prices, they hope to crash the economy of the US.

But that might only be effective for the next few years. The US has a massive capacity for innovation. The inherent scrappiness in the national character that gave the world everything from the Internet to the Chicago Cubs gives us tremendous resilience. Even if we face an economic collapse, the children of today will be the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. They are smart enough and determined enough to pull the country out of any trench and create the next economic bubble.

To bring down the US, you have to collapse the economy of today, and destroy the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

And that’s what these lead contaminated toys are.

Excessive lead exposure in children learns to impaired intellectual development. It lowers IQs, causes stunted grown, limits hearing, and gives kids ADHD.

The increase in lead toys is all part of a long term world domination plan on the part of the Communist party in China. Before invading the US, they first have to make our kids dumb.

That must be we why they are letting Survivor be filmed there, too.

You’ve been warned.

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