Photography 01: A new toy

I was just about to leave the apartment today when the joyous buzz of the front door sounded. Fedex was here with a package. The timing was perfect.

Normally, Fedex packages mean work. The UPS and Fedex guys know me by name because they regularly drop off stuff from the California corporate headquarters.

Today was different, though. I was waiting for my new camera to arrive. I tracked the package on line since it left New Jersey last weekend. I knew it had made it as far as Kent, WA this morning, but I couldn't be sure it would get here today, until that buzzer sounded.

I looked at digital SLRs for about year and finally ordered the Pentax K10D for a few reasons. It has a great collection of features, great reviews on Amazon, and I loved my last Pentax camera.

Now I have to figure out how to use it.

Here is the OOBE (Out Of Box Experience).

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