Christmas music on my iPod

It's time once again for my pre-CES ritual.  It's time to remove the Christmas music from my iPod.

About 80% of my iPod listening time is for podcasts, but during the remaining 20%, I often just set it on on full shuffle and have it go through all 8,000 music tracks and individual tracks of the Lord of the Rings audio books. 

I don't need to have Christmas music popping up in August when I'm not shopping at Crazy Eddie.  It goes on the iPod in early November and comes off in early January.

I realized last night that I haven't listed to much of it this year.  With various travels and other adventures I just haven't played through that genre all that much.  I feel like I let my iPod down somehow.

So now I'm binging on Christmas music while I sleep.  I just let the iPod shuffle through those 250 tracks while my head hits the pillows.

And for some reason I find visions of sugar plumbs dancing in my head.


Vera said...

good, sweet visions then :)

Jon Clarke said...

Nice Crazy Eddie reference.

You stopping by the AVS while you're at CES?