Helen Reddy must be Thrilled

Have you seen the Manthem?

Burger King is running a new ad. And I can watch it without worrying about nightmares because The Creepy Burger King is no where to be seen.

They rewrote the lyrics to the Helen Reddy classic "I am Woman, hear me roar" into a manly anthem extolling the virtues of beef consumption. They encourage men to abandon more feminine activities in favor of pulling large vehicles, breaking bricks, and disposing of mini-vans.

It's a rousing song, and I feel the pride rising in my belly as the manly parade rampages through the streets.

Two thoughts come to mind.

First, Helen Reddy is apparently alive. And she licensed this?

Second, I am thrilled The Creepy Burger King is not in this ad. Commercials with The Creepy Burger King are the worst thing to hit the airwaves since Three's a Crowd. Few ad campaigns make we want to actively avoid an establishment quite like this campaign does. Don't believe me? Click I-Beam, right below the Manthem on the Burger King ad page. Tell me that isn't at least a little creepy. And that's one of the tamer ads.

If you hope to one day sing Karaoke to the Manthem, here are the lyrics:

I am man, hear me roar
In numbers too big to ignore
And I'm way to hungry to settle for chick food

Cause my stomach's startin' to growl
And I'm goin' on the prowl
For a Texas Double Whopper
Man that's good

Oh, yes, I'm a guy
I'll admit I've been fed quiche
Wave tofu bye bye
now it's for Whopper beef I reach
I will eat this meat
Till my innie turns to an outie

I am starved
I am incorrigible
And I can't wait to stuff a big burger beef double bacon jalapeno burger down

I am hungry
I am incorrigible
I am MAN

1 comment:

Jon Clarke said...

You know what? I hate this commercial. It's a cute conept but the execution lacks any balls. Which was the point of this ad.