Today is my Blogaversary.

I started Cromely's World on 2006-01-23. In that first post, I set what I though was an ambitious target of writing 5 out of every 7 days. That would be roughly 260 posts in a year.

This is post 371.

I admit it. Once I start a project, I need to do more. If something's worth doing, then it must be worth over doing to the point of absurdity. It's probably not healthy, but that's what happened here.

It's okay, though. One reason I started this project was because the only writing I had done in nearly a decade was work related. I write a lot of email. And my word processor of choice is PowerPoint. Again, that may not be healthy.

And I started it because Jon made it look so easy and I got tired of leaving non-editable comments on his blog.

But this forum gave me an opportunity to write about other things. It gave me a chance to exercise atrophying brain cells. In the past year, I've covered:

Space Cuisine
Last Season's Apprentice (This Season coming soon)
Credit Cards
Free Speech Issues
Human-Animal Hybrids
(Thanks, Mr. President)
Star Trek

Personal History
Homeless Cats
Johnny Cash

...and more.

And of course, there are my favorites -- the TSA, Play Cole, and Book Reviews.

And I owe a special thanks to William Shatner. He continues to impress, scare, apall, surpise and entertain me. Long live Shatner-Palooza.

Since starting the blog, I launched:

Cromely's MySpace Page
PlayCole's MySpace Page
Cromely's Flickr Page

I also own Cromely.net, Cromely.org, and Shatner-Palooza.com

Somehow, I managed to push the real Cromely family off the top of the Google "Cromely" Search results.

I've had 4,600+ visitors.

And it's been a blast. I look forward to another big year, and hope you still get some mild enjoyment from my random thoughts, rants, raves, and trivia.


Jon Clarke said...


371 is more than a post a day.

VoidShout said...

Damn, Bill...it sounds like you need another hobby.