To begin with...

I've read through a number of blogs. Some of them are interesting and provide valuable information. Most are not. It seems that many are nothing more than public navel gazing. Personally, I haven't found other people's navel to be all that interesting.

I'm barely interested in my own, and I certainly don't want to spend hours staring at it, because it might start talking to me. Since it is unlikely to yield answers to the great mysteries of life, such as “What is the purpose or everything?” or “Where did I leave my cell phone?”, I'd prefer not to listen. Actually, I imagine it would be mainly concerned with which T-Shirt is too linty. And I've got the dryer for that.

As you can plainly see, this is now suddenly veering in the “bad blog” direction. I think we can all agree there are already enough of those.

So here is the charter for this blog. Keep in mind, that I am likely to discard this as soon as it becomes convenient.
  1. Entries will be interesting to at least one person other than my self.
  2. If they are not interesting to anyone besides myself, they will simply be bizarre enough to elicit a rounding chorus of “WTF?”
  3. This is not a journal or diary of my private thoughts. If I wouldn't converse about the topic with actual people, it doesn't belong here.
  4. Everything will be true and accurate (That one might be a tad ridiculous)

I will discuss whatever interests me on a particular day. That's mainly TV, tech stuff, weird stuff, geeky stuff, money stuff, literary stuff, travel stuff, and probably some more TV.

So visit often. Comment freely. And I'll pretend to care about what other people think.


Jon Clarke said...

There goes the neighborhood.

Brian Kunath said...

I gaze at Heather Graham's navel. But it's always in private.