Digital Arcade

I spent the past couple evening playing Vampire: The Redemption on my PC. The game hit the market in 2000, and I've been playing it sporadically every since then. By sporadically, I mean a couple times a year. One of these days I'll finish it. I think I need just another 16 hours.

Speaking of games, who could forget the arcades of the 80s? The folks over at CenemeArcade.com created a virtual arcade walk through. You can find the 30MB download here.


Jon Clarke said...

Drucker just gave Typing of the Dead on PC. You'll want a copy.

Brian Kunath said...

With a little effort you can actually download and play nearly every arcade game produced from the late 70's through the early 90s.

Step 1 (the easy step) is to get a program that can read and run the the orginal arcade programs (ROMs) Find it here: http://www.mame.net/

Step 2 is to locate Web sites that have the ROMs available for download. (Some are legal. Others, not so much)

Next, mount the ROMs into the emulator, get yourself a cheap joystick and crank up some Men at Work!