One of These Kids is not Like the Others...

QFC has some awesome Nacho Cheese. They keep in in tubs with the other prepared foods near the Deli counter. That's where the keep the fresh stuff. That stuff must also be the most perishable and, of course, the newest and freshest, right?

On Tuesday, 2007-01-30, I picked up a tub to make Nachos during the Superbowl, 5 days later.
That would be the tub in the lower right.

QFC Nacho Cheese Trio

QFC Nacho Cheese Trio Bottom

When my GF opened the tub of (what we believed to be) 5 day old cheese we found an assortment of mold that probably could have gotten us a multi-year grant from the CDC.

We figured 5 days was pushing it, even though the 2007-02-09 expiration date was still 5 more days away. We tried scraping off the mold, but the cheese still tasted funny. Not Tim Conway funny. More Gilbert Gottfried funny.

QFC Nacho Cheese Trio Feb 9 Expiration

So I went to QFC for more cheese. When I got back, I made a "shocking" discovery. The expiration date on the new cheese was 2007-03-03

QFC Nacho Cheese Trio Mar 3 Expiration

So that means the "fresh" cheese we bought on 2007-01-30 was probably 2-3 weeks old by the time we bought it. They really just wanted to to sell through the old stuff prior to the Superbowl.

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