A not so Lazy Sunday

What I did on Sunday:

3:15 AM PDT
Go to Bed.

4:15 AM PDT (or so)
Fall Asleep.

5:30 AM PDT
Wake up.

06:00 AM PDT
Leave for airport.

06:30 AM PDT
Check in at the airport. The check in agent weighs my bag and informs me that since it is 53 pounds, and three pounds over weight, I need to take out some stuff or pay $25. I pay $25.

07:30 AM PDT
Watch Continental Gate Agent call for first class and Continental Elite members to board the plane. Watch and smile as she chases away several people who tried to board before their group was call. Watch and smile when a few minutes later, when she moves on to the next group she again chases those same people away because it wasn't their turn to board.

7:45 AM PDT
Board with my group

7:47 AM PDT
Lean against the aisle armrest in my seat while the passenger in the middle and window seats sprawl out. They are apparently travelling together.

11:45 AM PDT
Land at Houston (IAH)

12:15 PM PDT
Finally find the Regional Jets gates and IAH.

12:30 PM PDT
Find the President's Club at IAH.

12:35 PM PDT
Spill coffee in the President's Club at IAH.

01:45 PM PDT
Leave President's Club at IAH

01:50 PM PDT
Arrive at Gate 77 for 2:35 flight to Baton Rouge (BTR)

02:35 PM PDT
Notice that door for my 2:35 flight is still closed

02:40 PM PDT
Gate Agent announce s slight delay to due to mechanical issues.

02:42 PM PDT
Start looking for comfortable places to bunk down in IAH.

02:55 PM PDT
Gate agent explains the mechanical issue was a tray table that wouldn't stay up. Since that's a safety/evacuation issue, they had maintenance replace it.

03:00 PM PDT
Board plane.

03:02 PM PDT
Observe that the 40 minute maintenance delay gave them plenty of time to apply plenty of duct tape to the offending tray table.

It was probably 1 minute to apply the tape and 39 minutes to have the paperwork signed off.

03:15 PM PDT
Leave IAH.

04:15 PM PDT
Arrive BTR

04:25 PM PDT
Pick up rental car paper work

04:30 PM PDT
Watch luggage from my flight come out.

04:40 PM PDT
Observer that my baggage was not among the luggage that came out.

04:55 PM PDT
Pick up my luggage at the check in counter because it came in on an earlier flight. And they thought people were more likely to look for their luggage at the check in counter than at the baggage carousel.

05:55 PM PDT
Leave BTR airport to drive nearly 90 miles to New Orleans.

07:45 PM PDT
Arrive at Loews hotel in New Orleans to turn in rental car. They tell me they can't take returns on Sundays so I need to bring it back tomorrow.

08:00 PM PDT
Reach my hotel room at the Doubletree in New Orleans.

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Jon Clarke said...

Why did you stay up till 3:15?