The Wheels are Coming off in Seattle

This is just weird.

Trucks losing tires leave State Patrol at a loss
By Jennifer Sullivan

Seattle Times staff reporter

Imagine speeding down the freeway when suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, a semi-truck tire hurtles toward your car.

In the past, such incidents were rare. But in recent weeks, a Bothell man has been killed and several cars have been damaged in five separate accidents involving tires coming off of semi-trucks.

"It is unusual to have an incident when you have a commercial tire come off a vehicle and hit anybody," said State Patrol spokesman Jeff Merrill. "To have five occurrences in the last month is just bizarre."


Wednesday night, an Issaquah man called 911 to report finding a large semi-truck tire on his patio.

The tire came off a semi on I-90, which is a few blocks from the man's home, bounced off the roadway and struck the roof of a nearby house — causing damage — before destroying the man's patio furniture, Merrill said.


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