Making Tech Cute

I didn't know Teddy Bears required much innovation. I thought Gund had pretty much mastered that technology a few decades ago.

Of course our culture did stare into the Frankenstein abyss of Teddy Ruxbin in the 80s, but then we slowly stepped away.

The point of the Teddy Bear is for it to be simple. A complex collection of technology can't come to life the way a nice collection of polyester and cotton can. The Velveteen Rabbit taught us that.

Actually, there is one item in their top ten that might be pretty cool. Speaking as someone who has pinched his earlobes nodding off with headphones on, this could be a decent solution. Of course it is designed for children.

But please don't do this to your computer. You'll embarass it. And you might over heat it if you block the vents or surface of the case.

So just don't do this. Unless, of course, it's to hide your Apple shame.

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