When a Habbit Becomes a Relationship

Overtime the folks at the Luscious Latte in Mountlake Terrace did get to know me and what I typically ordered (a Double Tall Mocha, a Peanut butter Cookie, and a Chocolate Chip Cookie). But even in the late nineties I was travelling frequently and wasn't there the same time everyday.

But for true regulars at a place, an odd relationship can develop.

A Hot Steamy Summer Affair
Posted on 08/02/2007 at 11:37 PM

Until today I had no idea the kind of intimacy that can develop with the person who provides your morning coffee.

His cart sits on a corner I have to cross every day to get to the subway. It started about three years ago when every morning on my way to work I would stop and order a cup of coffee. It was all very innocent. Eventually he got to know my face and started having my coffee waiting for me just the way I like it; medium, milk-no sugar. Such was our habit, such were our lives.

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