Where the Streets have old names

This week’s travels took me to Palm Springs. It’s in the Southern California desert. One thing I learned this summer is that 103 degrees in Palm Springs, CA is much nicer than 103 degrees in Richmond, VA.

Most major streets in Palm Spring are named after celebrities. I rolled in to town on Bob Hope Drive and crossed Gerald Ford Drive and Dinah Shore Road. It’s near Fred Waring Drive.

On my way to the airport, I crossed Frank Sinatra drive on CA-111. They airport itself is at the intersection of Gene Autry Trail and Kirk Douglas Way.

But they saved the big names for the airport. The main concourse, with a restaurant, coffee shop, news stand, golf shop and souvenir store is named for Sonny Bono.

Is there a friendlier way to greet travelers than with these teeth? I don’t think so.

2007-08-22 Sonny Bono Teeth at PSP

2007-08-22 Sonny Bono Concourse at PSP

2007-08-22 Sonny Bono Bust at PSP

2007-08-22 Sonny Bono Bust at PSP (1)

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