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The Thin Red Line is a book oriented blog by a Tacoma, WA author. The volume of books he comments on is rather amazing. I discovered The Thin Red Line after he linked to Cromely's World.

Traditionally, that's how blogs have generated more traffic -- linking to one another. But there is a new tool that's gotten quite a bit of buzz over the past couple of weeks. It's a widget call Blog Rush (my custom link). You can find it in my side bar.

Blog Rush works by posting links to other blogs in the widget. The links are supposed to be related to the content you see here. Each time someone visits my blog a link to my blog will appear in the Blog Rush widget in someone else's site.

Additionally, each person who signs up for Blog Rush by clicking on my widget or my Blog Rush link gets me additional credits, or views on other blogs. And this goes one for multiple generations/levels of sign up.

It sounds like a good idea, but I'm not entirely convinced it will bring visitors here. Will other bloggers actually put the widget in a visible place? Will people actually click the links? Will the Blog Rush filters that determine content actually provide relevant links?

Regardless, it can't hurt to give it a shot.

Reality Wired has a great post with links to a bunch of Blog Rush reviews and comments.

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Libdrone said...

Thanks for the introduction. I am just awed by the depth of your book reviews. I work in a library and handle tons and tons of books and usually just do a long paragraph on each. I am trying to introduce people to books they probably haven't heard of, rather than provide in depth critiques.