Seattle Embarrased Again

Seattle has a history of embarrassing itself with transportation matters. After all this:
  • the Kalackala refurb mess

  • the monorail nightmare (if you hold 5 elections and the monorail wins 4 of the 5, then the monorail loses)

  • the other monorail nightmare (crash and fire)

  • the ongoing Viaduct disaster

  • the pending political disaster of SR520

... you would think they could at least get something simple right. How hard can it be to name a trolley line? For Seattle planners, it's pretty challenging.

From the Seattle PI:

SLUT -- Streetcar's unfortunate acronym seems here to stay


There's a story going around South Lake Union, but a spokeswoman for Vulcan, Paul Allen's development company, says it's just an urban legend.

That aside, the story that the neighborhood's streetcar line now under construction was called the South Lake Union Trolley until the powers that be realized the unfortunate acronym -- SLUT -- seems here to stay.

Officially, it's now the South Lake Union Streetcar. But the trolley name already has caught on, and in the old Cascade neighborhood in South Lake Union, they're waiting for the SLUT.

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