Too Many Pens

When I was a kid, I tended to pick up pens when I found them. Somehow or other I would end up accumulating most of the pens in the house. It wasn't so much a pointless plot to steal them all, as it was just grabbing one, using it, and not putting it back.

Apparently, I still do this. Which is really weird since most of my writing is electronic.

But when I rebuilt my office last weekend, I was forced to confront this demon. This was my desktop pen caddy:

2007-09-16 Pens (1)a

It was filled with nice pens, cheap pens, and pen like objects. It seems that I no longer pick up pens in the house. Now, I keep grabbing cheap pens from hotel rooms. I had no idea I accumulated so many Embassy Suites and Doubletree pens. It's not like the soaps and shampoos I intentionally acquire.

So I purged the cheap hotel pens.

2007-09-16 Pensa

And now it's much more manageable.

2007-09-16 Pens (2)a


Anonymous said...

Think about it this way at least if your computer goes down you know you will find a pen somewhere.

cube said...

I'm a pen freak too. I have way more than I can possibly use. My way of handling it is to get another caddy.