Blogrush Vs Entrecard

Regular readers may have noticed a new widget on my blog. Last night I signed up with Entrecard.

I've been looking for small things I can do to bring more readers to Cromely's World, and there is a whole industry for blog referral tools. Entrecard is the newest one for me.

Basically, you sign up with Entrecard, and put the widget on your site. You also create your own virtual business card. When you visit another Entrecard users blog, you drop your card there. When another user visits your blog they can drop their card on your site. You earn credits for all these drops.

You can use your credits to "buy" advertising space on another blog. You choose the blog to advertise on, and they accept or reject your ad at their leisure. If you they accept your ad, they earn credits.

You can also sell space on your blog. That's the link in the Entrecard widget. So I get credits for including someone else's link in my Entrecard widget.

There are more detail available at http://entrecard.com/

Last month I wrote about
the Blogrush widget in my tool bar. It's another tool for generating traffic.

Blogrush has not brought me any significant traffic, though. In the past month, I have had 6 visitors through Blogrush. I guess I don't write catchy enough headlines.

With Entrecard, however, in the first 22 hours of use, 24 new users visited Cromely's World. I haven't even launched my campaign yet.

For me, 6 visits in a month versus 24 visits in a day means things are not looking for Blogrush.


Jon Clarke said...

nice idea. Signed up myself.

Book Calendar said...

Entrecard has really worked for me as well. It is quite interesting seeing your logo on other peoples sites.