Temporary Art

A few months ago, Seattle hosted a sand sculpture event. You can see my mother's impressions of it here.

2007-08-23 Sandquest Sand Scupture at Westlake Plaza (6)

Seattle is not really known for its beaches so this was an interesting event. Seattle is also not know for its snow and ice, so it only makes sense to host an ice sculpture event as well.

2007-12-14 Pioneer Square Ice Sculpture

On Saturday, my GF and I headed down to Pioneer Square to check out the ice sculptures that are part of the Historic Holidays event. On the morning of day two, most of the sculptures were already melting. I'm not sure if they were supposed to last the whole weekend or not, but the impressive sculptures were gradually losing their details.

The Christmas tree was impressive, but we could see it drip.

2007-12-15 Pioneer Square Ice Sculpture

An elf was having some trouble, too.

2007-12-15 Pioneer Square Ice Sculpture (3)

The rocking horse was rather said to see. At one point it must have had some impressive detail.

2007-12-15 Pioneer Square Ice Sculpture (6)

By time we got there, it was more like a duck.

2007-12-15 Pioneer Square Ice Sculpture (5)

While it may be December, Seattle doesn't really have winter weather. The wind and 40-45 degree temperatures are not ice friendly.

But the artists' skills are truly amazing. Also amazing is the mind set that lets them do this. They put hours into the work, only to have it disappear a few hours later.

And that's the part I can't wrap my head around. To put so many hours into something so ephemeral would be utterly frustrating to me. And yet, not only do they not find it frustrating, I imagine many of the do it because it's temporary.

You can see more pictures of the Ice and Sand here.

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