Vacation Time

At 11:59 PM tonight, I wrapped up my last major work project for the year. I slept only 4 of the last 36 hours to get things wrapped up. And it feels good.

I'm now done until 2008-01-03. It's a nice break. I tend to push most of my vacation to the end of the year and then just grab some rest. I like what I do, but it's always nice to not have to do anything for a few weeks.

Of course, I'll still log in to the work email from time to time to make sure there's nothing major to deal with. But that will be only a small part of my day for the next couple of weeks. And those quick checks, which almost always prove to me that everything is fine, do help me relax.

So what does the frequent business traveler do on vacation? Apparently, I'm about to get on a plane...


suchsimplepleasures said...

vacation? what's a vacation? sorry, haven't been on a REAL vacation...without children, in about 5 years. rumor has it, you relax and drink wine, on vacations!
enjoy yours!!!

- Mitch - said...

Being from Maui, Vacations usually means getting off this damned rock to go see the world. Have fun on yours =).