Air disaster narrowly averted

Tonight as my plane bounced across the gentle waves of turbulance over the Arizona dersert my head bobbed against the fusalage and I slept. Soundly.

The strains of Weird Al's latest opus filled my head as I drifted into dreamland.

And then I woke up when our Embraer 145 touched down on the tarmac in Phoenix. I quickly snapped to attention as I realized I was still listening to music. My head phones and MP3 player WERE TURNED ON BELOW 10,000 FEET.

How we ever survived such a flagrant safety violation is beyond me. I'm sure the FAA will be waiting for me when I get home.


Anonymous said...

OOhhh -- living dangerously!

Fitzy said...

Very funny! You'd think they'd notice such a thing if it was such a big risk to air safety. I just think it's a way to make you pay more attention during takeoffs and landings when accidents are more likely to occur. But who knows!?!

Anonymous said...

I've always wondered what would happen if an MP3 was playing during landing. Now we know... NOTHING!