It's getting closer

The 787 is getting closer. Boeing continues to make progress on the aircraft, even though it is about a year late. But I am still looking forward to flying in one.

The 787 is revolutionary for its use of composite materials in the fuselage. No one has done this before on a commercial airplane so a lot of attention is being paid to the testing.

It seems to be working well:

787 fuselage passes crucial stress tests
Next up is fully assembled plane


EVERETT -- A fuselage section of The Boeing Co.'s new 787 jet has passed a series of stress tests that had to be done before the plane can begin flight testing, the company said Thursday.

The company put a composite fuselage barrel through tests that simulated the most extreme conditions the airplane is expected to experience over its lifetime.

Engineers also subjected the fuselage section to 150 percent of its so-called "limit load," then pushed it to the point of destruction.



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