Subaru on the slopes

My first car was a 1985 Subaru GL sedan with front wheel drive. I paid $2,500 for it in 1991 and it had 83,000 miles on it.

At the time I lived in MT and drove through snow and old logging road that most people wouldn't think about touching. I also drove that car across the country at least 3 times. It finally died with about 180,000 miles on it in 1999 because I let it sit for about 6 months.

The point is Subarus can handle some amazing things. It's why my current car is a Subaru Forester.

And while I know this video is staged, and they probably used multiple vehicles, it's still almost believable.


pamibe said...

I love Subarus. Had one in the 80's as well, drove it from Houston to Omaha for a wedding and ran into a snow/ice storm in Oklahoma. All the big, rear wheel drive vehicles were in the ditch, but we just kept driving...!

Few years ago we had an Outback, but it was just too small. I've looked at Foresters time and time again, but there's something about them I don't like... can't pinpoint it, but I may still buy one. I have friends that will drive nothing else.

Sorry to ramble; great post, really took me back! ;)

fragileheart said...

God that looks like fun!