Shatner-Palooza: Crazy Biker

If you see a crazy old man riding around SoCal on a motorcycle and bleeding, it just may be William Shatner.

From the StarPulse.com:

William Shatner discovered the perils of riding a motorcycle without any protective gear, when he crashed on a highway in California.

The reckless former Star Trek star refuses to pad up and rides around the state wearing just beach clothes - even after a crash that could have killed him.

He explains, "I think leather, and helmets and protective gear is foolish, in the hot California weather. I ride with sandals and shorts and a

"One time, I was driving along and the bike slide from under me, and I skidded across the two lane highway.

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He seems to have forgotten he lacks a main deflector array.

Then again, he is the guy who sings "You're gonna die" on his recent album.


Unknown said...

That explains the swollen eyes he is sporting.

Anonymous said...

His motorcycle name is probably The Enterprise. If so, he's practically bullet-proof on it!

GorillaSushi said...

The bike didn't slide out from underneath him. I was pulled by a tractor beam. By Klingons. Angry Klingons. Klingons, angry that their vacations didn't live up to the expectations that the Priceline.com commercials gave them.