What I did in training

I've been in a training class all week. Here's what I accomplished yesterday and today:

2008-04-08 Training Class Pipe Cleaners

2008-04-09 Training Class Pipe Cleaners

It was actually a pretty good class. The instructor set out piles of pipe cleaners, modeling clay, rubber dice and other little things specifically so we all had toys to play with a fidget with during the class. It was a way to minimize outside distractions and naps. And keeping my hands busy with pipe cleaners did leave my mind free to consider the material.

Until yesterday, I hadn't used pipe cleaners for more than 15 years.


Jon Clarke said...

You should take Ben to your training.

Haley H said...

That looks like my kind of training!

Did everyone manage to share supplies nicely? Was there any fighting over toys?

Book Calendar said...

It looks like it is a lot of fun. I especially like the red pliers that go with the pipe cleaners. Hope you are enjoying it.

Cromely said...

Jon: Maybe next time. He may have to take a few prerequisites.

haleyhughes: It was fun. Generally people shared. Some of us were pipe cleaner people; others were modeling clay people. One person did get annoyed at the way I mixed colors though. I ran out of one color of pipe cleaner and just grabbed whatever was near. THe mismatched color hurt her head so she scrounged around to find the right color for me.

book calendar: I was never quite sure what to do with those plier things. I think I turned them into ice tongs.