That's what she said

Last night I happened across a cool site on Jennifer's Blog.

That's What She Said is a blog by several employment attorneys. Each week, they analyze a recent episode of NBC's The Office and discuss the issues it raises in the context of employment law.

They talk about what Michael Scott, Toby, Jim, Dwight, and the rest of the gang do and examine the potential liability they expose Dunder Mifflin to.

In a recent post, for example, they estimated that Stanly could sue the company for about $450,000.

If you are a fan of The Office or are interested in HR issues, it's a great site.


Anonymous said...


I am a big fan of the show. Thanks for the heads up. I will check out her blog.


Unknown said...

We love The Office and my hubby is also in H.R... every week he says, "I've got to get the DVDs and take these to work as 'what not to dos!'""

Unknown said...

We are huge fans of The Office. My hubby also works in HR and every week he says the same thing, "I've got to get these on DVD so I can take them in as examples of what not to do!" I'll have to check out Jennifer's blog. thanks!