Eco Roof Problems

Green roofs are becoming more popular.  They are a great way to minimize runoff and relieve the strain on storm sewers.  They can also help regulate city temperatures, when present in significant enough quantities, and reduce C02 output.

They also look really cool and put us on the path of turning out metropolitan centers into modern day Hobbitons.

As they become more popular, we'll here more about problems like this -- weeds.

City offices moved into the $9 million, two-story building at the corner of Harbor Point Boulevard and Cyrus Way a year later, just before last Christmas.

Invasive clover moved in some time after that.

Now workers are busy removing all the vegetation from the new City Hall's weed-infested roof, along with the soil and the contaminated seed-filled mulch. All the clover has killed most of the greenery the city intended to be up there.

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Apparently clover was in the mulch a contractor laid down, and it took over and replaced all the other plants.

This is not an indictment of the Green Roof.  It's just one of those things that happens.  No matter what technology or process we use, things can go wrong.  And plants on roofs are no diferent.  But that's no reason to stop building them.

Workers began removing the old roofing material early last week. They expect the replacement to be finished in a couple weeks.

How much is the replacement costing the city?

Not a dime, said Niggemyer. It's all under warranty.

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MR. New Dilemma said...

As I was driving through New York City last year I was enchanted by all the rooftop gardens I could see from the ground.

brokenteepee said...

Maybe they need a goat or two....