Poetry Day?

National Poetry Day in Britain came and went a few days ago;  I imagine it was celebrated in the US, too, though we didn't actually have Ticker Tape parades.

But I'm not a fan of Poetry.

Sure, I can respect it when it's well-done.  I'd like to think I can even differentiate well-written poems from poorly written ones.  And in College I took my own stab at writing the kind or whiny poetry that can only come from the heart of an overwrought and self-important 18 year old (after all, isn't that what college is for?).

In High School and College I had plenty of exposure to poetry through competitive Forensics.  And I wasn't bad at presenting poetry pieces.

And I like prose to have an element of the beauty of poetry and respect and love for the lyrical magic of the words.

And Dr. Seuss is awesome.

But I don't like poetry.  And it seems odd to say that.  It's not because I haven't seen it, or studied it, or spent months and years working with it.  I have.  And I still don't care for it.  I can't read it for leisure.  I don't seek it out.  When I come to blog posts that are primarily poems, I skim and move on. 

So while I don't want to offend poets, I'm going to have to shrug my shoulders at National Poetry Day. But I hope those of you of the stanza-cle bent had a great one.

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Tina Kubala said...

I wonder if part of your trouble might be all the analysis of poems you must have done. Sometimes breaking a work down too far can suck the joy out of it.

I'm not big on "epic" poems. I can't think of one poem of over two pages of length I've enjoyed. It seems to defeat the purpose.