Haircut in the middle of the night

A late night, home-based room service order sent me to Jack in the Box at 11:45 PM on a Saturday night.  Fortunately, the local one down on 4th AVE in SODO has a 24 hour drive thru.

Of course there was a line because it's the hip place to be on a Saturday night.  What I didn't expect to see was a mobile hair salon. 

Parked on 3rd AVE, just past the drive thru bushes was a small flat bed truck with a camper attached to have the bed.  It had a big window and bright lights inside.

While waiting to place an order bound to be misunderstood at the drive thru speaker, I looked over at the van and saw a barber at work.  This wasn't just a random guy cutting hair with garden shears.  Inside the vehicle there was an actual barber chair, and actual barber shop blue liquid, and a guy sitting in the chair wearing an actual barber customer gown and an actual barber cutting his hair.  The barber finished and held up a mirror for the guy to see the results and he seemed pleased.  The barber then began sweeping up hair.

To many questions popped into my mind as I tried to wrap my head around this bizarre scene.  I thought about taking a picture but opted not to for a few reasons. One being that my cell phone does not take great night pictures.

But mainly because I didn't want to get shot.  I have no idea why someone feels the need to set up a random, mobile, professional barbershop with no outside signage.  Could it be performance art?  Could it be a money laundering operation?  Could it be an espionage meeting point? Could there be drugs involved?  Could it jut be an original entrepreneurial venture?  Could it be the kind of thing where I'm just supposed to not ask any questions?

If it was something unseemly, why would they choose something so conspicuous? So it must be legit, right?  Or is that just what they want me to think?

This is going to keep me up all night. Good thing I already do my haircut.


Buggys said...

This is bizarre, I've never seen anything like it. Near my house we have a combination karate studio/tanning salon which makes me laugh. I really hope you solve the mystery and let us know what's up. A little too conspicuous for anything clandestine, I think.

Ann said...

Well if it is legitimate I think it's a pretty cool idea. Hope you didn't lose too much sleep over trying to figure out the answer.

nipsy said...

Wow..I've heard "have home will travel" but never your business. I think it was really big brother out spying on someone..Cool cover though..

Karen said...

That is very bizarre! I would have wondered if I was going nuts if I saw that.. LOL