My current fascination with Shatner began in the fall of 2004, when I first listened to a pirated version of his album "Has Been." And then I listened again. And again. And again. Eventually, I bought my own legal copy, just to encourage him to keep making funny, creepy, and great music.

Since then, I've been watching his TV appearances and clips on YouTube.com.

I am now seeking treatment for this disorder.

But in the meantime, here are some links to my current and future Shatner posts.

The Muppet Show Starring William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy

Of course, I have to begin with a link that doesn't actually feature William Shatner, but rather, our tribute to him and his wackiness. Regular readers may have already seen our stop motion animation of the Muppet Show starring William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy. If not, here it is. More than 3,100 people have watched it in the last two months.

Spplat Attack -- The Ultimate Paintball Movie (2006-04-09)

William Shatner sings "Taxi" (2006-04-25)

William Shatner Raps Shakespeare (2006-04-26)

William Shatner on Dinah sings...Something (2006-04-27)

William Shatner on the Pyramid (2006-05-02)

William Shatner promoting local law firms (2006-05-25)

William Shatner promoting the Commodore Vic 20 (2006-06-21)

William Shatner praised George Lucas in a bizarre presentation (2006-06-23)

Amazon.Com recommendations for William Shatner fans (2006-06-23)

Shatner-Palooza with a side of Bacon (2006-07-10)

Priceline meets Convoy (2006-07-19)

Stunt Coordinator (2006-08-03)

Rocket Man (2006-08-07)

More "Star Trek meets Dilbert" than pure Shatner-Palooza, but still very cool (2006-08-15)

Tempting Fate? (2006-08-19)

Common People (2006-08-21)

William Shatner on Space Travel (2006-09-12)

A Career in 1:41 (2006-09-20)

Frank Who? (2006-10-21)

Play Cole meets William Shatner (2006-11-01)

Howie Who? (2006-11-16)

Pudding (2006-12-01)

Christmas (2006-12-27)

Home Movies (2007-01-06)

Creepy Negotiator Guy (2007-01-26)

Financial Tips (2007-04-04)

Incubus (2007-04-27)

Art (2007-06-18)

Woot Woo (2007-08-04)

The Essence of Shatner (2007-09-23)

LSD (2007-10-08)

I don't do cameos (2007-10-19)

Age-Me (2007-11-14)

Hey, Shatner! How do I hurl bolts of lightening? (2007-11-30)

We've got a box! (2008-03-14)

Crazy Biker (2008-04-17)

What is Star Trek (2008-05-04)

Hawking Fine Art (2008-05-19)

Better than Slice Bread (2008-06-06)

Canadian Pride (2008-07-07)

Shatner and Common People meet Kirk and Star Trek The Animated Series (2008-09-27)

Driving is all a matter of intimidation (2008-10-14)

Valerie Bertinelli (2008-12-04)

Raw Nerve Part II (2008-12-17)

On Majel Barrett Roddenberry (2008-12-29)

Book Review 35: Up Til Now (2009-01-08)

Book Review 38: To the Stars (2009-01-11)

George Takei and Raw (2009-02-03)

Klingons and Butterflies (2009-03-15)

What's he doing with someone's head in his arm? (2009-04-11)

It Hasn't Happened Yet (2009-05-31)

Impulse (2009-06-05)

Shatner Welcomes Conan (2009-06-21)

Promo (2009-07-27)

Political Poetry (2009-07-29)

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