Shatner-Palooza: Howie Who?

In light of NBC's shocking success with "Deal or No Deal" (a show for those who find Wheel of Fortune too taxing on the brain cells) ABC is rolling out "Show Me the Money" starring everyone's favorite celebrity William Shatner.

Attempting to share the stage with him are 13 stripp -- I mean dancers. The hold scrolls that reveal dollar amounts when a contestant yells "Show Me the Money"

Shatner doesn't ask them "Is that your final answer?" Instead he asks, "Do you want to lock in your answer?" Contestants have to answer challenging questions such as:

Who makes chocolate kisses?
What show featured the Soup Nazi?
What sport is featured in the movie No Holds Barred?

The first contestant on the show is a guy who makes Boy George look like Al Bundy, NTTAWWT.

He comes up on stage with his "Murse" or Man Purse. Shatner asks him what he has in it. He has lip balm and his good luck Shania Twain ticket. The rest of it is empty -- leaving plenty of room for prize money.

To begin the game, Shatner says, " I don't know that this will interest you, but we have 13 beautiful dancers..."

They are the Million Dollar dancers. The music comes on, and the dancers dance. Of course we get to see Shatner cut loose as well.

Really, most of the show seems to be an excuse for Shatner to dance. It's almost like he's Ellen's long lost grandfather.

The phrase that will pop up on T-Shirts in a few weeks? "Ladies -- Let's Dance"

How can you not love a show where William Shatner says, "I want you to visualize Paul Rubens."

ABC has the first 12 minutes posted on their site. Check it out or wait until the show premieres on 2006-11-22.

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