Shatner-Palooza: The Essence of Shatner

For a while I tried to figure out what was the best description of William Shatner. It turns out that all I really need to do is let the man speak for himself.

This is the first paragraph from Star Trek Memories. It's not even in the main text of the book -- it's from the acknowledgments.

I went on a interesting voyage of discovery with this book. I must have been blind twenty-five years ago. Blinded with personal problems, with fatigue and with the necessity of spending those incredibly hard hours shooting Star Trek, the series. I was fairly oblivious to the drama going on around me, oblivious to the people who composed the family of Star Trek, and like some beast of burden, eyes fixed to the furrow, I plowed on -- despite any distraction. And so it was illuminating, twenty-five years later to wend my way back along the path of an experience that I had almost forgotten. It was a joyful passage, and also a sad one.

It's going to be a good book.


cube said...

Have you read the Encyclopedia Shatnerica? As the name implies, it's all about the Shat-man.

Jon Clarke said...

Oblivious basically sums it up.