Shatner-Palooza: We've got a box!

This is disturbingly awesome. William Shatner meets TJ Hooker and Captain Kirk in this spoof of the horrifying Seven. The twist at the end is great.

More Shatner-Palooza here.


Anonymous said...

He is such a nutcase! I never really liked him until I started watching Boston Legal. He definitely doesn't get enough credit for his acting.

Anonymous said...

That made me laugh until I cried. At least Shatner has the decency to make fun of himself after all this time. :)

Aerten said...

Oh wow. That was so surreal, I had to check to make sure I wasn't on drugs.

Shatner cracks me up. His WoW commercial is his very best acting... EVER. Dang, it's even better than his role in Miss Congeniality.