Choice Hotels and Johnny Cash 02

For the past few years, Choice Hotels has been "celebrating" the memory of Johnny Cash. For awhile, they used Johnny's rendition of "I've been Everywhere" to promote their various hotel chains. A couple years ago, they began writing their own lyrics.

In February, I posted the transcript from a commercial featuring an older couple singing about their travels across the USA.

Here are the lyrics for the new commercial featuring what appears to be a 20-something couple travelling the USA.

We've been to Dayton
Green Bay
Drive across the USA

Kansas City
Passin' through
Stoppin' for some Bar-B-Que

Need a place to spend the night
Sleep Inn always gets it right

Internet high speed
Thirty emails left to read

66 Detour
Let's just take a couple more

San Jose
had our fun
One last chance
to catch some sun

Johnny's Voice:

I've been every where man
I've been every where

Choice Hotels Voice Over:

This summer at Sleep Inn, Comfort Inn, Comfort Suites, Quality Inn, or Clarion hotels

Stay 3 separate times and earn a free $50 gas card

Just make your reservations at choicehotels.com or 800-4choice

Choice Hotels. We'll see you there.

Johnny's Voice:

I've been every where

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