Once More With Feeling

Buffy Ticket Stub

Tonight I went to my first Buffy the Vampire Slayer Sing-a-long.

In the spirit of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, the crew rents out a theater and welds live action and video together.

They play the ground-breaking episode, "Once More With Feeling" on the big screen, while the crew acts it out in front of the screen. And since it's a musical episode, they encourage the audience to sing.

And that's where the real joy in this outing is. Depsite being one of the best 50 minutes of television ever, it's really the fans who make this a great event. During one scene the audience blows bubbles. During another they accompany Buffy on the kazoo. And, contradicting months of theater etiquette, they encourage the audine to pull out their cell phons during one character's song and sway left and right wiht them.

The audine was great, but the group of people I was with, including Jon and Renee seemed to be some of loudest folks there. And you could't find a better group of people to go to a show with.
The crew worked to rev up the audience before hand, as well. The actress playing Dawn (who bore an uncanny resemblance to Michelle Trachtenberg) got an early start. She came out while everyone was waiting on line to get into the theater and tried to drum up some Dawn support.

And now it looks like they are coming to Seattle at the end of June. I'll try looking for tickets next week.

Rather than spend a few hours going over the various details, I'll just say there's more information about the experience at the Buffy Sings site.

And go see it when it's in your area.

*I seem to have orginally left out a brilliant paragraph or two. I think this now makes a little more sense (Updated 2007-05-14)


Anonymous said...

Best. Show. Ever!!!

Anonymous said...

It was great to get a glimpse into this world; Fandom fascinates me.

I must say, it was not a collection of freaks, geeks, or TV nerds; it was a group of folks who like to have fun with a smart show. I was impressed!

I also loved the goodie bags they gave out...I think I will wear my vampire teeth to the hospital when I am in labor....just to freak Jon out....

Anonymous said...

What, you mean Renee and Michelle Trachtenberg are not the same person?