Sleep 01: More Time, Less Sleep

Cap gives you full kip in 3hrs

May 07, 2007

SCIENTISTS have devised a way to cram a good night’s kip into THREE HOURS.

They have created a machine placed above the head like a “cap” that puts wearers in deep sleep.

It could mean we all might one day wake up refreshed after just a few hours in the sack.

Link found on Fark.com

This sounds awesome.

Okay. It will probably give you brain cancer. Or stop you from dreaming and drive you insane. Or make you go bald. Or erase any computer hard drive your head gets near. Or cook your Hot Pockets while you sleep. Or make you sterile. Or allow the CIA to take control of you.

But imagine -- being awake for 21 hours a day, everyday, and still getting a full night's sleep.

This is just too good not to be true.


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