Well, it is Vegas...

On a roll in Las Vegas -- they're too lazy to walk
Even fit tourists rent scooters in sprawl


LAS VEGAS -- There's lazy, and then there's Las Vegas lazy.

In increasing numbers, Las Vegas tourists exhausted by the four miles of gluttony laid out before them are getting around on electric "mobility scooters."

Don't think trendy Vespa motorbikes. Think updated wheelchair.

Forking over about $40 a day and their pride, perfectly healthy tourists are cruising around Las Vegas casinos in transportation intended for the infirm.


"It was all the walking," Simon Lezama, 27, said as he sat on his red Merits Pioneer 3. Lezama, a trim and fit-looking restaurant manager from Odessa, Texas, rented it on day three of his five-day vacation, "and now I can drink and drive, be responsible and save my feet."


Michelle Bailey, a slender, apparently healthy 22-year-old, used a scooter to get around a recent pool tournament at the Riviera hotel-casino. "Four-inch heels," she explained with a laugh, pointing to her lipstick-red pumps.



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I was kind of appalled when I first read this. The more I think about it though, the less I have a problem with it.

In city know for being an adult Disney Land, why not rent a wheel chair? The entire tourist trade is all about self indulgence, whether it's the food, the loding, the gambling, or the entertainment. If people want to really spoil themselves, go for it -- in Vegas.

Just don't run over my foot.

Oh, and if you are riding a wheel chair because you're lazy, and you are actually physically fine, leave the chair in Vegas.

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