I lost 154 pounds...

... of paper.

Today I hauled 10+ boxes of paper down to American Data Guard in Seattle. It was 154 pounds of paper to shred and completely filled a 4 foot tall industrial trash can.

I began using ADG about 3 years ago for my shredding needs. It's safer than just recycling paper. And it means they do all the work. It cost just $33 for them to take all that paper off my hands and destroy it on an industrial scale.

I could shred it all myself, I suppose, but I hate doing that. The trash can always fills up too fast. The shredder jams. The process takes too long. The time I would most want to do it is 1:00 AM, and I don't think the neighbors would appreciate that.

154 pounds may be a bit excessive for one year, but it does include a years of back files that I just scanned to PDF. Plus, since I don't have to shred stuff myself, I end up sticking just regular paper in the shred box. Not sorting it means I can avoid one more hassle.

If you have stuff you should be shredding but aren't, or if you are just tired of shredding stuff on your own, check out commercial shredding services in your area. It's worth the cost.

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